Rufus Wainwright’s New Song “Montauk”

Legendary musician Rufus Wainwright has a new album, Out of the Game, which includes a song called “Montauk.”

“I just want to make something that you love, driving around in your car listening or losing your mind to on a dance floor,” Wainwright told Rolling Stone about his goals for the new album. “Something to serenade us through these very, very troubling times.”

Well, I don’t think we exactly have a new anthem for The End on our hands. I have every reason to want to like this song, and I’m certainly never the type of person who downplays music written about how great the East End is. I respect Wainwright as a musician. The singer has strong ties to The End, where he has a home and where, he announced, he and his partner, theater producer Jorn Weisbrodt, will wed this coming August.

But…well, have a listen to “Montauk” for youself and, if you make it through, tell me what you think.

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