Proposed Rezoning of Noyac Road to Prohibit Commercial Vehicles over 10,000 Pounds

Southampton Town is considering proposed legislation that would rezone Noyac Road to prohibit commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds. There is a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, April 24th at 6 p.m at Southampton Town Hall. The full resolution can be read by clicking on this link: Proposed Noyac Rd rezoning. 

According to a newsletter that was sent out by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce, the  proposed legislation may have a negative impact on all traffic for those who are relying on service businesses coming to the East End.

Encouraging people to express their views by contacting members of the Southampton Town Board via email,the newsletter states, “Work on CR 39 will begin sometime later this year and it will affect all kinds of business, deliveries, etc. This could become a disaster on CR 39 and affect many who you do business with.”



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