“Long Island Noir” Gives Shout Outs To The East End

The book, “Long Island Noir” is available for download onto your Kindle, and is a book of dark fiction short stories that take place on Long Island and one of those dark fiction stories takes place in the Hamptons.

The New York Times writes: Things get out of hand for a teenage girl in Wainscott in Ms. Jones’s story “Home Invasion” after she meets a wild-haired surfer dude from an old-money family, who is described as looking “like a WASP kidnapped by Apaches.”

The ending features a scene in which the girl wields a handgun she was taught to use by her father. The story was based somewhat on a real experience, said Ms. Jones, who lives in Manhattan but spent much of her childhood in Sagaponack.

Yikes! We can’t wait to read it!

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