Dan Rattiner Will Read From His Book, “Still In The Hamptons” On Saturday

Dan Rattiner of Dan’s Papers is scheduled to read from his new book, “Still in the Hamptons” at at the Jackson Pollock House, located on Springs Fireplace Road at Fort Pond Boulevard, East Hampton.

The reading will take place this Saturday at 11 a.m.

Meet the author for a reading of the chapter “Charlie Vanderveer.”Vanderveer was a Bridgehampton farmer and auctioneer who stripped naked to wash up in a jerry rig of a shower he built in his potato field, considered buying a 15th century barn being offered for sale in England so he could ship it over to America, reassemble it and claim he had the oldest house in the Hamptons and once purchased a toilet seat from a Bridgehampton outhouse which had been painted by Willem deKooning, that he hoped would sell at auction in New York City.

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