Carrie Berk Sends Dan’s Papers Cupcakes!

The Dan’s Papers staff got a real thrill Tuesday morning, August 6, when we opened a special delivery from 10-year-old Cupcake Club author Carrie Berk.

As thanks for some recent coverage of her books and exciting cupcake adventures in Dan’s Papers and, our favorite cupcake guru sent a dozen sweet treats from Georgetown Cupcakes—each featuring a tiny reproduction of our August 2 cover!

You may recognize Georgetown Cupcakes from TLC’s hit show DC Cupcakes—they definitely taste as good as they look on television. And despite the temptation to devour them all, we’ve held back and put one aside for our fearless leader, Dan Rattiner, who will be here to enjoy it later today.

Check out the photos of Carrie’s cupcakes and compare with Giancarlo Impiglia‘s special Wine Guide cover art, pictured below.

And don’t forget to go see Carrie, with her mom and Cupcake Club co-author Sheryl Berk, in-person at their cupcake party and book signing at Stevenson’s Toys in Southampton on Saturday, August 17. This girl is a real class act.

Thanks again, Carrie and Sheryl, and Georgetown Cupcakes. You’ve all made fans for life at Dan’s Papers!

Visit Peace Love & Cupcakes: The Cupcake Club page on Facebook and for more fun with Carrie Berk and The Cupcake Club.

Dan's Papers Cupcake from Carrie Berk

Dan’s Papers Cupcake from Carrie Berk, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Giancarlo Impiglia's August 2 Dan's Papers cover

Giancarlo Impiglia’s August 2 Dan’s Papers cover

Cupcake Club author Carrie Berk

Cupcake Club author Carrie Berk


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