10 Ways I’m Preparing for the Polar Bear Plunge

The 10th annual Human Resources of the Hamptons Polar Bear Plunge is this Saturday, December 14, at 10 a.m.

With a forecasted high of 29 degrees and snow scheduled intermittently throughout the day, it stands to be one of the coldest plunges in recent memory. Though I’m a plunge veteran, I’m not taking these conditions lightly, and I’ve been preparing accordingly by partaking in a number of activities to get me acclimated to the icy Atlantic. Come Saturday, a quick dip in the so-called SNOcean will be a piece of cake.

Top 10 ways I’ve been preparing for the 10th annual polar bear plunge:

• Taking ice cold showers, daily
• Driving to work with the windows down and the AC cranked up
• Taking ice baths while reading the complete version of Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer and listening to Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
• Spending lunch breaks eating ice cream outside to induce brain freeze
• Enjoying nightly barefoot walks on the beach in shorts and a tank top
• Sleeping in a meat locker. Thanks Vinny ‘n’ Sons in Wainscott for letting me use yours!
• Walking around with a high-powered, portable fan, turned on at all times
• Hydrating with melted ice instead of water
• Visiting the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead to study the penguins and seals
• Eating frozen TV dinners—without heating them up

Polar Bear Plunge, 2012.

Polar Bear Plunge at Coopers Beach, 2012. Photo credit: Tom Kochie

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