East Hampton Police Officer Julio Galeano Suspended Without Pay

Julio Galeano, the East Hampton Village police officer accused of using a private home for sex with a traffic control officer without the homeowner’s permission, has been suspended without pay for 30 days pending the outcome of a disciplinary trial.

Disciplinary charges were presented to Galeano on February 11 and,  after he denied the charges, the village board resolved Friday to suspend him, according to a copy of the resolution.

Galeano, 31, was put on paid leave in January. The 21-year-old part-time traffic control officer, who was reportedly also a housekeeper at the Talmage Lane home, was fired.

The disciplinary trial could result in Galeano losing his job.

According to an incident report from December 30, a police officer responded to a Talmage Lane home after guests arriving at the residence called 911 to report they encountered a couple in the house.

“Upon arrival they located two subjects inside the residence that were not authorized to be there,” the report states.

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