Hilaria Baldwin Performs St. Patrick’s Day Yoga Pose in Bridgehampton

Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin, spent St. Patrick’s Day in the Hamptons and stopped for a moment in Bridgehampton to pose on a bench with two bottles of beer as if she passed out there—but it was all a goof for her 2014 yoga pose challenge.

Baldwin has challenged herself to do a yoga pose a day for a year and post photos to her Instagram,

In wishing her followers a happy St. Patrick’s Day, she wrote on Instagram, “If you are going to end up like this, at least do it in a yoga pose.”

The bench is in front of Pierre’s restaurant, next to the Hampton Library. In the photo, a cup from Starbucks can be spotted rested on a vehicle’s hood; the Starbucks is just a few doors down from the library.

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