Summer Camp Spotlight: Gold Coast Sports Academy

Summer Camp Spotlight: Gold Coast Sports Academy

Locations in East Hampton, Montauk Downs and Sag Harbor

Gold Coast Sports Academy will be partnering with Paul Annacone and Annacone Management to provide young athletes with a premier tennis training and development program. Our coaches understand the range of needs from beginners to tournament level players, and tailor instruction accordingly. We provide each camper with an individualized development plan, to track progress and attain maximum results. Camps will be held in Sag Harbor, East Hampton and Montauk. Visit our website for more information and to register!

Paul Annacone

Coach Paul Annacone

Paul Annacone is a former professional tennis player and current tennis coach. Paul attained a career-high No. 12 singles ranking and No. 3 doubles ranking with three singles titles as a player. He has also coached professional tennis greats, such as Roger Federer, Sloane Stephens and Pete Sampras.

Tennis Camp @ Gold Coast Sports Academy allows athletes of all levels to further their passion for this lifetime sport. Our coaches understand the range of needs from beginners to tournament level players and tailor instruction accordingly. All players will be evaluated to determine where focus will be placed to attain maximum results.


Athletes will be introduced to basic footwork drills, hand-eye coordination, and conditioning. The focus will be on introduction to the main skill/techniques including proper racket grip, forehands, backhands, volleys and serves. Instruction will focus on developing proper technique, understanding the rules, and appreciation for the game.

Athletes will perform more complex footwork and conditioning drills designed specifically for the game. Continued development of main skills (forehands, backhands, volleys and serves) will continue with the addition of spin/slice and specific shot selection, such as lobs, overheads and drop-shots. Doubles gameplay will be introduced along with competitive game strategy.

The athletes will participate in high-intensity conditioning. Focus will be on match play with tennis drills mimicking specific scenarios. Instruction will be on shot selection and accuracy, along with how to effectively develop a point (both from the baseline and at net) in both singles and doubles. Athletes will regularly partake in competitive match play to improve both physical and mental skills associated with the game.

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