" /> Cooking with Kyler Makes Grilled Shrimp in Hampton Bays


Grilled Shrimp_Hamptons from Will Tully on Vimeo.

Cooking with Kyler Makes Grilled Shrimp in Hampton Bays
Aug 09, 2017 - Will and Kyler Tully—the father-daughter chef duo behind the Cooking with Kyler YouTube series—shared their Easy Grilled Garlic Shrimp recipe in this week's episode, and they shot it right here in Hampton Bays! Watch their step-by-step video, filmed knee deep (waist deep for young Kyler) in the waters of Shinnecock Bay, at Will's childhood home, where his mother, Irene aka "Greena," still resides.

Tully's father was a local lobsterman, and his uncle owned Tully's Clam Bar, fish market and restaurant. He and his daughter have been cooking "simple, healthy meals" together since before she was 3 years old. They now share their recipes on Cooking with Kyler, and it's a delight to watch.

You can find all their Cooking with Kyler videos, read their story and more at cookingwithkyler.com.

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Video By : Will Tully / Cooking with Kyler


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