Baldwin For Mayor? Seriously?

Hamptons hero Alec Baldwin is seriously considering running for Mayor of New York City now that the field has changed thanks to Anthony Weiner’s weener shot.

The Daily reported that an unnamed friend of Baldwin stated that the actor would be a good fit for the Democrats who need a high profile candidate for the 2013 race and that Baldwin stated to him, “Hey, maybe this changes the race. The dynamics have shifted.”

But what about 30 Rock? Well, according to Baldwin, 2012 will be his last season on the hit show. Everybody knows that Alec Baldwin has a desire to be in politics and has admitted in several interviews over the years, but the timing just never seemed to right for him. Will this be Alec Baldwin’s next step?

I could see it happening. I can’t help but see Baldwin as the Mayor of New York City. He’s already the unofficial mayor of the Hamptons!

Go get ’em Alec.

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