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Danshamptons.com: The Most Comprehensive Website in the Hamptons

If you have been to danshamptons.com recently, then you’ve noticed that the website has changed dramatically for the better. I’ll be the first to admit it, our old website was a little ‘90s. We would use the same stories all week, nothing would be new and nothing would be updated.

But after working with some of the finest web developers on the face of the earth, Dan’s Papers has now moved into the 21st century, with a site that will blow your mind. Everything about our new website is state-of the-art, faster, better and easier to use, all for the benefit of our readers and fans of Dan’s. [expand]

The new website offers new features, daily content and high-level technology that is on par with some of the most important websites in the United States. Above all, the purpose of danshamptons.com is to make sure that visitors to the site get the latest breaking news about the things that East End residents and people who visit the East End care about the most.

For that reason, we’ve expanded “South o’ the Highway,” one of Dan’s Papers’ best-read celebrity columns, into a daily, even hourly online news source. The second that Dan’s Papers learns about news of a notable Hamptons figure, it will be posted instantly on our website so that you can know about it right away.

Of course, everything from Dan’s Papers, every week, is up on our new website just like it was before, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your much-needed dose of my Dad’s stories, in case you are out of town and can’t pick up the paper.

Our new website also offers the area’s most complete and user-friendly events calendar, BY FAR. Want something to do in the Hamptons but don’t know where to turn? Our new events calendar covers everything, and I mean absolutely everything. Not only do we have staff working here updating it with the latest events, but our users can also post events to our site THEMSELVES, in an easy-to-do way, so any day of the week you can find out what’s going on all summer long.

Daily content will be updated throughout the site constantly, with new stories in our “Dan’s Daily” blog going up every day to keep you interested, as well as new homepage stories that will be featured every day with new photos and opinions from some of our finest writers. Got a problem with what they say? Feel free to comment on a story and start a debate with the writer or with others posting comments on our website in our easy-to-use commenting system. Unlike other commenting systems on other websites, our website is extremely user friendly. Simply put, it just works. You don’t have to get a degree in computer science to understand how our website operates. We’ve kept things simple and awesome.

We also have some of the best bloggers the Hamptons has to offer, including Amy Zerner and her fashion blog. Zerner is a well-known fashion designer; her one-of-a-kind Art Couture jackets, coats and caftans are sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

Dan’s Papers’ Sections  Editor Stacy Dermont’s “Hamptons Eats” blog keeps you in the know on restaurant news throughout the Hamptons. Dermont’s legendary reporting on all things food related is well known to readers of her “Hamptons Epicure” column and other weekly stories in Dan’s. She is one of the Hamptons’ most recognized restaurant reviewers and also runs her own baking company, Harbor Small Batch, based in Sag Harbor.

And finally we have Monte Farber, recognized throughout the world as a leading psychic. Farber’s books on astrology are available at Barnes & Noble, and he has been featured as a psychic stock picker for thestreet.com. Trust me, you’re going to want to read his blog, “Psychic Thoughts,” on danshamptons.com.

On top of all this, we have breaking videos, thanks to some of the best videographers in the Hamptons, as well as photo galleries of Hamptons parties and gorgeous, artistic photo galleries by some of our finest photographers.

It’s finally here, you’ve asked for it, and we’ve delivered it. We hope you enjoy the new danshamptons.com. [/expand]


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