Swoon For Summer Scents

If you are wearing the same perfume you wore during the winter, it’s time to put it in the deep freeze. After Memorial Day, things lighten up. Clothing, hair, and fragrance, to name a few. Your scent needs to do the same. The heavier notes of the cooler months are put to sleep for the spring and summer. Now, it’s time for top, middle and base notes, leaning more to the florals, beachy, and the green side.

The prestigious FiFi Awards just announced their favorite scents. The winner was Gucci Guilty, winning in four categories including the Fragrance Superstar Award, and Bombshell by Victoria Secret, winning in three categories. Bleu de Chanel won in two categories. The FiFi Awards are held once a year and are sponsored by the Fragrance Foundation, which honors the fragrance industry’s creative achievements. They have been held annually in New York City since 1973, and are attended by 1,000 members of the international fragrance industry as well as celebrities and designers. [expand]

When buying a perfume, you can go and purchase the winners or go with a few of the most popular ones from the past. A quick search on www.fragrantica.com can help you make your decision. You choose the scent you are interested in, and scroll down and get a score of comments describing it in the most passionate ways. You have to keep in mind that the scent you are interested in may be wildly repulsive to someone else. At least you can get an idea of what people think of the notes and whether it’s long-lasting or fleeting, clean or “dirty,” a term that comes up often in the descriptions. You will get an informative education and crash course in the art of fragrance. I did some research on perfumes and how they are created and came across an interesting website, which names celebrities and their favorite scents. One that kept turning up over and over was a fragrance called Child. I had honestly never heard of it and was wondering, if, perhaps, it was a scent exclusive to the West Coast set. I wrote to the company and was pleasantly surprised when I heard from the creator herself, Susan D. Owens.

Owens was kind enough to send me a sample of her perfume oil and has had me hooked since the day it arrived. I then discovered I was in good company. Khloe Kardashian, Jennie Garth, Sigourney Weaver, Denise Richards, and Christina Applegate are all devotees of this magical fragrance. Each bottle is lovingly hand-poured by Owens herself, which makes it all the more special! It’s been described as a clean, soapy white floral combination, with brilliant exotic and white crisp jasmine florals. I say heavenly. It is long lasting and will linger lightly on your sweater for a day or two. I sampled the roll on oil, which is my preference over colognes and spray for its longevity. Child can be purchased at www.beautyhabit.com.

Another favorite for this summer is Burberry Summer Edition. It can be picked up at Sephora, at the store or online. Fresh notes of pomegranate, for those who would rather wear it than eat it, orange and green leaf are the top notes, followed by rose, freesia and lily of the valley, wrapped in a soft veil of cedar wood, sandlewood and white musk. Keeping with the idea that light is right, this perfume will take you through the summer days at the pool or evenings on the beach.

Sun-drenched, radiant, and glamorous are words that describe Angel Sunessence Edition Ocean de Argent from Thierry Mugler. With notes of kumquat, sea salt blossom, patchouli and vanilla, this one promises you will be noticed long after you have left the event. Also available at Sephora or www.sephora.com.

One final mention is an oil that I purchased up in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It is called Rain and it will make you swoon! It comes in several sizes and a phone call up to them will have it in your hands in a few days. There is no way to describe this gorgeous fragrance other than clean, clean, clean. People will stop you and ask you what you are wearing and where you purchased it. It’s truly intoxicating and you will find yourself using it often. Used after a shower while your skin is still damp will prove to give you the best results. Call Good Scents to place your order at 508-487-3393.

Keeping your perfumes in the refrigerator will extend their life. I have had some in my freezer for over 20 years that are as fresh as the day I bought them. Oils can remain stable for years left at room temperature.


Annette Gunnels-Garkowski is a freelance hair and makeup artist for fashion, film and media. She can be reached at willow200@aol.com. [/expand]


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