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Giant Lobster Stolen From Banzai Burger In Amagansett

On Thursday, the owners of Banzai Burger, which is a new burger restaurant in Amagansett that has gained a good following, made a report that their mascot, a 7 foot tall lobster statue weighing over 100 pounds, was stolen from their restaurant.

They have made a call to have the lobster returned, but the statue has not turned up and it appears its fate has been sealed.

The giant lobster undoubtedly angered competing seafood restaurants in the area, as the lobster held a giant sign that said, “Eat Beef” as if to say to the public that it was cruel to eat lobster for dinner and was better to eat beef. Obviously a joke, but its not very funny when your livelihood depends on the sales of lobster in your restaurant or from your fishing boat in Montauk.

Banzai Burger does not serve lobster on their menu.

Regardless, the owners of the restaurant are offering a $1000 reward to anyone that can give them information to the where abouts of “Kobe” the lobster. They are also offering free food in their restaurant for the rest of the summer.

Without a doubt, the theft of Kobe would not have been possible by one person and without the use of a truck.

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