Help Find The Animal Abuser That Drilled A Three Inch Nail Through A Turtle In The Hamptons

An eastern box turtle was found and turned in to the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons in Hampton Bays, with a 3-inch nail that appears to have been deliberately nailed through its stomach.

The Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons is offering a $1000 reward to anybody that can give any information as to the whereabouts of the person responsible for this.

Let’s get the guy that did this! Spread the word about this story.

The turtle is a male and was found on Noyac Road last Tuesday and appeared to be in pain and struggling. It was found by Sag Harbor resident Patty Burns and her daughter, who say that the turtle has found a happy home in their backyard for years and see him come near their home every summer. Both said they shocked when they found the turtle to have been tortured in such a horrific way.

The turtle is in recovery at the Wildlife Rescue Center after an emergency surgery was performed and is on antibiotics and pain killers. The nail missed its vital organs and spine, but whether or not it will live is still up in the air.

The number to call 631-728-4200. Let’s find the person that did this!

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