“Sundays at the Barn” Are a Beer-Selling Phenomenon

Try and guess which destination in all of New York sells the most beer on a Sunday afternoon in the summer season…

You may have guessed CitiField or Yankee Stadium when the Mets and Yankees are in town. Maybe Belmont? Or maybe your New York-savvy logic has you thinking outside the box about hotspots like the Strand Hotel. All good guesses. All incorrect.

To witness beer being dished out in numbers near six figures over the course of four hours, there’s only one place to go.

The Boardy Barn in Hampton Bays  is the new Sunday spectacle on the East End. In a recent weekend, the outdoor “party tent” set up weekly by co-owner Tony Galgano, sold an astounding 600 kegs of Budweiser. The formula is simple: the layman’s beer at low cost in an outdoor location that’s already a summer stopping point equals high volumes of people.

Sundays from 4 to 8PM  at Boardy usually see more than 2,000 patrons taking in their last-of-the-weekend brews, which cost only $2 a cup.

“They say that if we were open year round, we would sell more beer than at Yankee Stadium in a season,”  Galgano said. “The amount of beer that has flowed through here is amazing.”

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