The Power of Affirmations

I am the author of many books & tools about affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that we repeat several times a day as both a reminder to ourselves of the goals we are headed towards as well as a way of reinforcing the changes we are effecting in our unconscious mind’s image of us.

A sincerely believed positive affirmation — if repeated several times a day, every day — will reach our unconscious mind and help us to re-program it to reinforce everything we want to attract. It is not enough just to fantasize about something. You need a strong conviction and faith to manifest what you desire.

We have learned that our most negative attitudes about ourselves are the result of past wounds to our psyche: critical voices (our own or others’), unfulfilled expectations, and life’s harsher lessons. Our affirmations have helped us to embrace the fact that we deserve happiness and success.

We say and repeat a positive affirmation until we feel that we believe it as much as we can. Then we say it three more times, seeing in our mind’s eye a picture of our situation changing for the better and the actual words sinking into our hearts, our minds, and our whole bodies.

Here’s one I wrote that I call our Master Affirmation: “I have all that I need to get what I want.” Try it!

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