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Tired Of All These Illegal Immigrants!

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m getting pretty tired of all these dang illegal immigrants running around. The other day I was driving and I heard loud Italian opera music blasting out of a car and there was an Italian flag in the car. This is America, who do these Italians think they are? They come to this country only to take what my ancestors and I built for our families. It’s ridiculous. My ancestors came to this country the RIGHT way. We came on ships, crossing oceans to a new frontier, from Spain and England, and my forefather even died during the Revolutionary War to free this country from the British, create the America that we know today, the greatest country in the world, and now there are all these damn Italians running around EVERYWHERE.

And I’m so sick of hearing Italian in the stores when I go grocery shopping these days. Half the Italian families I know, they don’t even speak English. It’s like HELLO, THIS IS AMERICA, LEARN ENGLISH. But they just don’t get it. Meanwhile, they are all getting married and having kids and trying to raise them on a grocer’s salary. All they do is spend time with each other. Have you ever been out to an Italian restaurant or a nightclub? Why doesn’t the INS do something about this? THIS IS AMERICA. Practically every crime these days has to do with some sort of Italian stealing from somebody, it’s ridiculous. [expand]

And don’t even get me started on all these Irish people. I swear I have never seen a more irresponsible group. Half of them don’t even have drivers’ licenses and the other half all drink too much. If I hear about one more act of domestic violence caused by an Irishman I’m going to throw up. It’s ridiculous. THIS IS AMERICA. We shouldn’t be putting up with this. The other day I saw an Irishman working as a police officer. A POLICE OFFICER! What have we all gone crazy? Am I the only one?

And the Jews, I mean, really, do I need to say more? I have witnessed entire towns completely overrun by them and nearly all of them coming to this country legally. And all they want to do is go to temple. It’s like, this is America, we were built on being Christian, get with the program or go back to Israel where you came from.

I really think we need to push towards more legislation that will battle against these immigrants. We have to get that marriage law repealed, and we have to get that anchor baby law repealed, and we all know that the ones who came here “legally” through Ellis Island paid some sort of illegal bribe to get through faster, and we all know what a joke of an operation Ellis Island was in the first place. What a bunch of bureaucrats. Don’t even get me started on that.

It’s time that America woke up and did something. How are we supposed to pay for all of these Irish and Italian children? My tax dollars shouldn’t be paying for these schools, the teachers are overwhelmed by the classroom sizes and one teacher even told me that in her classroom the kids speak to each other in Italian.

How many more mobsters are we going to tolerate? How many more drinking and driving accidents are we going to tolerate before we do something about this?

Oh and by the way, this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM. I’m not a racist. In fact, some of these immigrants are my friends, and yes even I am guilty of hiring an Irish housemaid and she is lovely, but it’s all of these other ones that are the problem. What, are we going to just give this whole country away? To a bunch of immigrants who never even fought in the Revolutionary War? Who never even founded this country?

I mean, I believe in the Constitution and in equality and all of that, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. [/expand]

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