Whispers: “True Blood’s Bauer: Under Exposed”

Move over George Clooney! Watch your back Daniel Craig! There’s an actor on the brink of becoming Hollywood’s next leading man!

HBO’s “True Blood” Star, Chris Bauer portrays a drug-addicted sheriff whose image is anything but sexy. Bauer agrees, “They didn’t write a guy that’s a part time sheriff and full time body builder. He is a lonely, frustrated, emotionally confused authority figure, with some serious substance abuse issues.

According to Bauer most fans don’t recognize him in real life, “I will talk to people who are “True Blood” fanatics and have seen every episode three times and it’s 10 minutes into the conversation before they go, are you OMG are you Andy Bellefleur, you’re the sheriff?”

Even Bauer admits his character’s flaws are so dislikable they can take a toll on him personally, “It’s challenging playing this role . My vanity wants to interfere. I want to be liked, like everyone else. And, it’s a character who alienates and confuses people. Sometimes I feel like a loser when people think the character is a loser because I have a very porous, flimsy personality.” [expand]

Yet, Bauer is not complaining about his non sex-symbol status, “I hit the jackpot for sure.

The “True Blood” star recently wrapped filming season four in L.A. and is currently enjoying a summer hiatus with his family in Sag Harbor. “We moved out here probably five years ago,” said Bauer.

This past Saturday, “True Blood” fans had a chance to witness the sexier side of Bauer who co-hosted The Bay Street Theatre’s “Rock the Dock” annual Gala with Blythe Danner and Richard Kind. Hundreds of VIP’s including Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Mercedes Ruehl, Fisher Stevens, Richard Kubick, Rob Florio, Robert Zimmerman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Frank Filipo, Joanne Filipo, BST Executive Director Tracy Mitchell, Adrianne Cohen, BST founder and Artistic Director Sybil Christopher and Artistic Director Murphy Davis came out to support Bay Street’s programming and enjoy the festivities on the Long Wharf in Sag Harbor. Bauer said his on stage experience last season performing live in Romance inspired him to get more involved with regional theatre and eventually join the board at Bay Street. “It was a great experience. I have to say the audiences at Bay Street Theatre were the most receptive, open, patient, giving, dignified group I think that I’ve ever done a show for.

Bauer is also on board for the fifth season of “True Blood” set to premiere next summer. I politely coerced him into revealing anything about the upcoming season and asked, “You are the one character that has never been naked?” Bauer smiled, “Yes, I have not had to take my shirt off. I’ m not the only one. But, I am one of the last few.”

Well “True Blood” fans, I can say from first hand experience the real Bauer is nothing like his character, Andy. In person, Bauer has the charm and charisma that clearly doesn’t translate on “True Blood.” From the slick suit and tie to the orange tinted glasses, Bauer is leading man material all the way. Bauer admitted he is open to change in season five and joked, “Yes! Please give me more scenes, I’ve gotta make more of an impact.” Bauer told me he wouldn’t be opposed to showcasing his sexier side, “I think that if everybody wants to see what a 44 year old, white male looks like, I would be that guy. I am happy to be that guy.” Clooney has nothing on Bauer and when I joked and said, “Fans just wanna know, do you have a six pack?” The modest man replied, “Right now, I’m just working on the two pack. It’s getting bigger!”Six-pack or not, Bauer has got it made on and OFF screen. He truly has the qualities of a leading man including one very important characteristic, humility. When I ask him if he thinks he made it he throws the question back at me, “Do you really think I made it? Cause if you think that I’ve made it. Then I will think that I have.” I replied, “Are you happy and fulfilled right now in your life? Bauer said, “Way beyond my wildest dreams.” I said, “Then I say you’ve made it.”

While Mrs. Schreiber was bidding on a silent auction item for her kids, a Children’s Museum of the East End birthday party, hundreds of Hamptonites across island were feasting on East End fare from over 40 restaurants and 23 different L.I. wineries at The first annual Dan’s Taste of Two Forks at Sayre Park in Bridgehampton. Chef Marcus Samuelsson was the host of the evening. “Good Day New York’s” co-host the talented and lovely, Rosanna Scotto was MC of the evening. HBO’s “How to Make it in America” star, Bryan Greenberg, “Real Housewife of New JerseyDina Manzo, Aida Turturro and “Royal Pains” star, Mark Feuerstein made early appearances, while Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York City” stars, Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen, and Cindy Barshop closed down the festivities. LXTV’s Morgan Hertzan and his wife Beth brought their houseguests to the ultimate dinner party, power couple, ABC News Producer, Danielle A. Rossen and hubby NBC News Correspondent Jeff Rossen, who recently broke the compelling exclusive coverage of Charlie Sheen. By the end of the evening, Dan Rattiner, founder of Dan’s Papers smiled and said, “I’m full!” When I asked Dan what was the main idea behind this kind of a foodie event he summed it all up perfectly, “There’s very few places on earth where you have such a wide variety of landscapes that all produce things to eat. And to benefit the food pantries. That was the whole idea.” [/expand]

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