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Boxing Is Missing From The Hamptons

One of my favorite things to do for exercise is to hit the punching bag at the Hamptons Gym Corp in Southampton. Boxing is a great way to relieve stress, is a great workout and works just about every single muscle in the human body. There are very few things that are better for you than to hit a bag until you become exhausted.

I’m sort of an exercise junkie, and I’ve done everything, from rowing, to running, to stair climbing, and I can tell you that nothing compares to boxing for both mind and body.

We have plenty of places in the Hamptons where you can practice karate and grappling, but there is no place in the Hamptons where you can get in the ring and go toe to toe with somebody. I noticed this the other day because I’ve been actively looking for a place where I can put on some head gear and get into the ring with an opponent. There are plenty of places in New York City where you can do this and even further west on Long Island, but there ain’t no place in the Hamptons.

Why is this? Is it because boxing is viewed as violent? Or did it just go out of fashion and has been replaced by pilates and yoga?

Somebody should get on this!



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