Could Today Be Anymore Picture Perfect? Did We Really Just Have A Hurricane In The Hamptons?

Although nobody seems to want to admit to it, we didn’t have a hurricane, we had a Tropical Storm, but if you ask anybody today what happened over the weekend, it was A HURRICANE. Or as a lot of people are now putting it, a low level hurricane that was barely a category 1, in other words, a tropical storm. Granted, maybe for about five minutes it was considered a hurricane, and I have no problem with joining in and calling it a hurricane, after all, it makes for a better story to tell to our grand kids years from now. I can just see the dinner tables now, “It was a dark and it was stormy, it was so bad, that many were evacuating, but because I, your courageous grandfather, was not going to let HURRICANE IRENE get the best of me, I faced the storm with all of my might.”

Man oh man, could today be anymore picture perfect? God it is beautiful outside today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a day that was this crisp and this summery at the same time. There are still a significant amount of power outages, and East Hampton looks like a ghost town, but other than that, things are back to normal. We still got a little bit more summer to go, so let’s hope that we can soak up as much of it as we can during the next couple of weeks.

By the way, is anybody else obsessed with the song “Come on Irene”…errrr, “Come on Eileen” lately?

Yea, I am too.

I found this version online today by the band “Save Ferris” and so far it is my favorite version.

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