Healthy Hamptons Frozen Treats


It’s hard to create a product that imitates something that has been popular for decades and improve it. But that is just what The Soft Serve Fruit Co. in Water Mill has done by bringing its incredible new variety of frozen treat to the Hamptons. [expand]

The smooth consistency of the fruit flavors The Soft Serve Fruit Co offers will have you doubting that it’s dairy-free, but don’t worry—there is only fresh fruit, filtered water and “a touch” of organic cane sugar in this gluten-free, fat-free treat, and it’s only about 80 calories for 3.5 oz! It’s different from anything I have ever tasted, a little bit creamier than sorbet, smoother than frozen yogurt and with the perfect amount of sweet. The flavors change based upon the season, so you should call ahead to see if your favorite choice is available (but they’re all delicious). The usual flavors vary between Banana, Strawberry, Apple, Mango, Cranberry and Pear, but sometimes they have specialty options available (like Blueberry).

In addition to a few of the traditional ice cream toppings—think hot fudge and chocolate chipsThe Soft Serve Fruit Co. also offers fresh fruit like blackberries, raspberries and kiwi, plus unique toppings, including white chocolate, organic granola, almonds, coconut, honey and a whole lot more! Their different varieties of pre-set sundaes are truly a work of art.

I am far from a banana fan, but when Water Mill store manager Alexandra Lair handed me a Crunchy Salty sundae, I couldn’t stop myself from devouring it immediately (alone, in my car, ashamed at how fast I managed to gulp it down). In this one, their Banana soft serve is topped with fresh banana slices, broken pretzel pieces, chocolate chips and peanut butter sauce. They also offer smoothies (with protein powder, a vitamin boost or flax and fiber mixed in if you want) and pretzel cones!

Whether you choose one of their sundaes or design your own, you won’t be disappointed by the best food craze to hit the Hamptons in my lifetime. Just pull off of Montauk Highway to the Hampton Coffee Company location in Water Mill (The Soft Serve Fruit Co. has opened their store in the same building). The coffee shop closes earlier than the frozen soft serve does, so don’t be fooled if it looks closed—just head to the separate entrance to the left. The next time you are out with your friends and family looking for a sweet treat (either in the Hamptons or in Manhattan), The Soft Serve Fruit Co stop is a must-try!



The Soft Serve Fruit Co., 869 Montauk Highway (same building as Hampton Coffee Company), Water Mill. 631-726-6166,

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