Holy Earthquake Batman!

Did anybody just feel that earthquake? We here at Dan’s Papers all just felt it—our entire building just shook for about fifteen seconds. I’ve never felt an earthquake so directly in the Hamptons.

According to a CNN report, there was a 5.9 earthquake that originated in Virginia and was felt in Washington D.C., New York City and on Martha’s Vineyard, where President Barack Obama is on vacation.

When it happened here, everyone in our office went outside, nobody sure of what was going on. But there was no doubt we felt it while sitting at our desks, and I went into Batman mode. I haven’t been on that kind of red alert since I took a vacation to Rio Di Janeiro.

We’re getting reports that it was felt by friends and family of ours in Westhampton and other spots on Long Island.

Last November a 3.9 magnitude earthquake shook the East End of Long Island, but before today I’ve never felt an earthquake so directly. That scared the crap out of me!

Update: Here are some pictures of the earthquake aftermath

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