So You Want To Forget About Your Stock Portfolio In The Hamptons This Weekend Do You?

As of this writing, the Dow is trading below 11,000, is down 20 points for the day, and is coming off of a day where it shot down 400 points. This stock market volatility is on top of having one of the wildest last two weeks in the market since the crash in 2008.

So yea, you’re a little angry this week.

But fret not summer folks, it is Friday, it is still summer in the Hamptons and while this area likes to be the place where Wall Street celebrates, it is also a great place to go to escape your stock market induced depression.

Which brings me to this weekend, which I have to say, is one of my favorite weekends of the summer and it has everything to do with the Artists Vs. Writer’s Softball Game. Where else in the world do you get the opportunity to watch Alec Baldwin painfully strike out against the writers?

Oh that’s right Artists, it’s on this year. And I know you’re a Yankee fan Alec (I am too) but until you write a movie script and move to the writer’s side of the dugout, I’m rooting for the writers.

As a writer myself and also an occasional participant in this game (although I usually only get up to bat once a year, it has been a while since Little League) I’m a little bias when it comes to who I hope will win this year, and oh so obviously, this year, the writer’s will win.

None of this nonsense of the little tricks that the Artist’s employ will work this year fellas, such as your plan to deliberately hit ground balls into our infield to get on base instead of swinging for the fences like real men. Oh, and we all know that the six foot five, former minor league player who you call an artist but is really a big landscaper and is secretly training in private batting cages at Baldwin’s house all year for this great game, will choke.

But in all seriousness, get to the Artist’s Vs. Writers Softball game tomorrow if you can make it, it’s a lot of fun, is for a good charity and is a very cheap ticket. I think it’s a $10 dollar suggested donation  to sit right next to the field, and you’d be surprised at how well skilled these writer’s are, and it’s always fun to watch Captain Ken Auletta and sportswriter Mike Lupica yell at a few people.

The game begins at 2 p.m. at Herrick Park in East Hampton and batting practice starts at noon. For more info click here.

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