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Taking Our Problems Out on the Animals

People are very upset these days about a lot of things. Probably, most of all, it is the economy and the fear of another huge crash. If people can do nothing about this, they can get really upset and angry with others. Even animals. And it’s going on here on the East End in a very disturbing way.

A few weeks ago a male turtle was found in Noyac with a large nail in its back. A resident of Noyac found the turtle and recognized it; it often came onto her property. She was horrified when she found that an animal abuser had done this. The Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons responded to the incident after the police were called, and was able to give the turtle surgery and save it from what surely would have been an untimely and painful death. An x-ray of the turtle showed that the nail, which had been driven into its back, had missed all vital organs and that he would soon recover.

But who in their right mind would do such a thing? The Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons is offering $12,500 to anybody that has any information about the case.

In another incident just a few weeks after the turtle attack, a man kayaking in Riverhead found a swan that appeared to be wounded. There was a large arrow lodged in its side. The bird can no longer walk, but after the Wildlife Shelter brought the swan in, they stated that the injury would not kill the swan and that it would recover. After news of the turtle and the swan became public, an animal lover in the Hamptons offered up an award of $10,000 to anyone who could provide information leading to those responsible for such attacks. [expand]

And still more animal abuse happened. In Montauk, according to reports by police officials, a seagull was hit with a large rock. People actually saw this person, a man, lure the seagull to him with bread. When officials showed up they found the rock—“the size of a brick”—used to hit the seagull. The seagull died. A woman in a red bathing suit had been seen chastising this man for doing this. People have been asked if they know the whereabouts of this woman.

Finally, there was a report of a seagull with a dart in its head. The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported that they had received photographs of this seagull that was shot through the head with what appeared to be a blow dart from a blow dart gun. The seagull, which did not seem to have been affected, was seen on Long Wharf, and soon flew away.

I’m really sorry to have to write about these things, but they have happened here. Whoever does this should be put behind bars. [/expand]

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