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The Coffee Dilemma

If you haven’t heard, Dunkin’ Donuts recently launched an IPO on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. I love doughnuts and I love coffee, so I figured I’d buy some Dunkin’ Donuts stock. I was in a bit of an argument with my intern at work who thought it was a good idea. One of my golden rules in buying stock is to not buy into an IPO mania, wait for the pull back and then buy. But with Dunkin’ Donuts, something felt right and my intern Joe was enthusiastic about it — and I love Dunkin’ Donuts — so I said ‘why not.’

Well, the stock has pretty much tanked nearly 7 percent from where I bought it at.

And so I am in a coffee dilemma. Every morning before I head into work at Dan’s Papers, I like to stop for coffee at Hampton Coffee in Wainscott, which is quite possibly the best coffee on the face of the earth. But because now I own Dunkin’ Donuts stock and have lost a significant amount of shareholder value in the investment, I figured that anything I could do to help boost the price was a good idea, even if it meant a detour from Southampton.

And so, the other day, I drove out of my way and headed west just to go to the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street from the Hampton Oil Changer right on County Road 39. I nearly killed myself pulling into the parking spot (this building is very well known for being difficult to drive in and out of) and got my coffee, walked out of the store and then checked the price of the stock on my iPhone.

Down 40 cents a share.

That’s it. I did what I could. I’ll be at Hampton Coffee tomorrow.

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