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The Secret of Forgiveness

Forgiveness allows lasting good fortune to flow to you and even to those who have been inconsiderate. All beings and all things are capable of both being supportive of others (the essence of spirituality) and being destructive. Lack of forgiveness makes people hard and blocks fortunate, constructive chi energy from flowing to them.

Perform the following ritual to fill your space with love and forgiveness:

Take a deep breath, and then exhale. Now feel what it is like to forgive yourself for every wrong you’ve done. Now feel what it is like to forgive your entire family. Do the same thing for your friends, then all those who have wronged you; then forgive the world and finally the universe for the countless wrongs it contains. Your soul and your space are now sanctified with calm, healing energy.

Perform this ritual every time you become angry or otherwise need to experience calm and peace. We’ve found this technique especially helpful when we have difficulty falling asleep.

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