Why Gwyneth Paltrow Did Nothing Wrong

Well, the internets appear to be going crazy today about Gwyneth Paltrow yelling at her maid for getting a ride to work. Apparently, Paltrow was upset at the maid because she didn’t like the fact that the maid showed another person where she lives.

There has been an internet storm about it. And it’s pretty freaking ridiculous.

A few of my friends work for very rich people inside their home in a variety of roles, in fact, my own mother used to be a house manager for a celebrity that recently moved out of the area, and by far one of the most important aspects of working on a private estate is privacy. I’d even go as far to say that the entire reason people buy these massive estates, besides having the prestige of it, is to have privacy from the public. Anybody in the estate management business knows this (and that’s a big business out here and a lot of people are employed in it).

Do you have a job? Do you get in trouble when you do something wrong? Yes, of course you do. Does it feel good? No. Does it become headline news? No it doesn’t.

For people to have sympathy for somebody getting in trouble at work is kind of ridiculous. It’s not like there is anything illegal about being upset about somebody doing something wrong when you hire them to do a job and when you state explicitly the requirements of the job.

This is just another round of Internet sensationalism that hurts the reputation of a very good actress who employs (I’m just guessing) over 20 people in the Hamptons.

And from what I can tell, it got into the media because the driver of the maid had a story to tell and didn’t like being told, “Please don’t give my maid a ride to my house again,” and because he felt like being an (insert name of body part here) he decided to call up a newspaper and report the gossip.

I for one certainly understand who the real jerk in this situation was.

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