Here’s One Final Toast to Summer

There’s no better time than the unofficial last day of summer to raise a glass to Labor Day and another great season in the Hamptons. And there’s no better way to do it than with top chefs from Long Island’s East End sharing their favorite drinks for a summer evening. What are you waiting for? Go grab a glass. Cheers to the Hamptons!

Joseph Realmuto, Nick & Toni’s—Mount Gay, tonic with a splash of orange

James Gee, CittaNuova—I’ve recently been turned on to Aperol, and have come up with a great cocktail involving fresh squeezed OJ, Proscecco, Peroni beer, Aperol and club soda, on ice. That and cold beer.

Robby Beaver, The Frisky Oyster— Our “Brooklynade” made up of Breuckelen Gin, lavender syrup, fresh lemon and St. Germain.

Rosa Ross, Scrimshaw— We have a drink, the Scrimshander, basically a rum punch where we invert a lime, fill it with rum and light it. But I drink vodka with a little water—no matter what the season.

Segundo Pelaez, Savanna’s— If it’s a good bartender, I like to have a mojito. The rum and the lime and the mint—not too strong, but refreshing. But it has to be a good bartender.

Jason Weiner, Almond—I’m partial to a Dark and Stormy.

Bill Mammes, RugosaCampari and soda

Arthur Wolf, Turtle Crossing—Mojitos are nice—sometimes when the watermelon kicks in I’ll do a fresh watermelon mojito, blueberries when they come in.

William Bertha, Gurney’s Beach BakeryI love a piña colada.

Terry Harwood, Vine Street Café—A frothy margarita made with fresh local strawberries.

Kevin Penner, The Grill on Pantigo—Water. It’s hot in the kitchen!

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