Pizza Toppings You Can’t Top

We love our pizza on the East End, and as with the rest of America there’s no shortage of opinions as to what makes for the best pizza topping. For traditionalists, pepperoni heads the list of meat toppings, mushrooms lead the vegetarian charts, and mozzarellaremains the champion among cheeses. But where’s the fun in always going the way of the crowd? The truly adventurous out there might find inspiration from these six spectacular pizza toppings from around the world we’re dying to try. Mangia!

Minced Mutton (India) We hear it’s superior to sliced mutton.

Mockba (Russia) A blend of sardines, tuna, salmon, mackerel and onions. Too bad that blend doesn’t come with a mint.

Coconut (Costa Rica) Try it with a Pina Colada. Or instead of one.

Mayo Jaga (Japan) A mix of mayonnaise, potatoes and bacon. Isn’t that potato salad?

Fried Egg (France) It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Strained Yogurt (Israel) Aids the digestion, which you might need after a slice of Mockba.

“Pizza Toppings You Can’t Top” is brought to you by Parto’s Restaurant in Riverhead. To check out their fine pizza toppings and other award-winning Italian cuisine, you can visit them at 12 West Main Street or online at

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