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The Secret Detox Center in East Hampton

You’re rich, you’re famous, it’s summertime in the Hamptons, and you party a little bit too hard. So much so that it has become a problem. But where does a posh person such as yourself go to get rehabilitated? All of the good detox places are in California for the Hollywood elite, right? But you don’t want to go all the way out there. What’s an addict to do?

Apparently, the Hamptons has the place for you.

The location is a secret, but The New York Post writes this morning that at a hidden estate  in East Hampton the drug and alcohol addicted can rehab in style. Price? Reportedly upwards of $100,000 for three months. The stay even includes Skype sessions with Harvard Medical School addiction specialists, a pool, tennis court, jacuzzi and gourmet food!

There is no report yet on whether Hamptons dog owners can send their pets to rehab. There are plenty of doggie spas, though!

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