Village Officials Letting Everyone Know The Hamptons Is Open For Business This Labor Day After Scaring The Hell Out Of Everyone

It would seem that town officials in the Hamptons have finally figured out that it is not a good idea to tell everyone to run for their lives from a community that relies on tourism.

After a few “evacuation orders” to flee the Hamptons from what was really just a tropical storm, officials are now saying that this Labor Day weekend is a perfect weekend for anybody that wants to visit the Hamptons, and they would be right. The Hamptons is very much open for business and nearly all of the trees that have fallen down have been cleared up and all of the dead bodies have been removed from the streets.

All of the Village and Town officials, including East Hampton’s Bill Wilkinson, Southampton’s Chris Nuzzi, Westhampton’s Conrad Teller and Sag Harbor’s Mayor Brian Gilbride are publicaly stating that this Labor Day Weekend, the Hamptons is open for business, the beaches are open and beautiful and is like “Irene never happened.”

Montauk by the way, is completely fine (I was out there two days ago to check out the Lighthouse, Gosman’s and Ditch Plains) and I just heard from The Montauk Chamber of Commerce that they are offering FREE BEACH PARKING to tourists who are coming out.

Everybody is pretty much admitting that there was an over-reaction to Irene and that it was silly to scare so many people. I’ve read about a dozen articles explaining why politicians chose to scare everyone instead of not being more realistic about what Irene was all about and all of them say that it was a political strategy. According to the “experts” it’s better to prepare people for the worst possible scenarios just in case there is an off chance that they do happen, rather then prepare people for the most likely scenario.

I guess if the experts say it, it must be true. We all like being scared to death over nothing.

Regardless, it seems that it’s all turned around. I’ve received word from a lot of the local politicians out there that they are releasing statements inviting people to come and enjoy the Hamptons and that everything is back to normal. This includes officials from East Hampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Sagaponack, The North Fork and Hampton Bays.


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