Alec Baldwin Visits And Tweets At Occupy Wall Street

Alec Baldwin headed to downtown New York City to visit the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The actor went to Zuccotti Park, which is the headquarters of the global protests that have been going on for three months.

He wrote on his Twitter, feed, “My thanks 2 Aaron from Brooklyn and Sean from Winnipeg for this evening’s OWS (Occupy Wall Street) tutorial. My first. A lot of dedicated people at Zuccotti Park. Just heading home after spending a too brief two hours at OWS.”

He also wrote, “OWS needs to coalesce around some legislative policy. The ‘occupy’ strategy may be an effective one. But what can each entity agree on? We need a healthy banking system in this country. We need strong capital markets. What is missing are regulations with teeth.”

Campaign finance reform remains the linchpin of our democracy’s many problems.”

He stated further, “Some website wrote that I’m worth $65 mill, so have no cred at OWS. Man… to me. Didn’t know I had $65 mill.”

The fact that Alec Baldwin is there and is driving attention and support for Occupy Wall Street will most likely drive other celebrities to check it out, most likely not because they want to raise attention to the cause, but to raise attention to themselves, for raising attention to the cause.

And quite honestly, I don’t think the protesters really know what the cause is. I certainly don’t. I can tell you what I wish it was for. I wish it was for a call to end the crushing and growing Federal deficit in the United States. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, debt is slavery, and everybody that has suffered from this recession is suffering as a result of taking on too much debt, whether it’s a student loan, a mortgage, or a state government taking on crushing debt to pay for services. There comes a point where I think we have to say, we can’t afford this, and not being able to afford something is not such a terrible thing.

But of course, my view on it will get diluted into the countless other views that include ending the Federal Reserve (pure insanity if you ask me), ending corporate greed (good luck with that one) and for many, to become a practically communist state. I’m not for that at all.

The protests in America, and across the world, in my opinion, is the result of a global epidemic of too much public and private debts that are coming due. We’ve, as a globe, taken on un-payable debt that is coming due and making promises that clearly couldn’t be kept. This is true from the individual, all the way up to the highest levels of government.  A system of not making those promises is what I’m hoping will develop, and a system that dramatically cuts out our debts and makes it downright illegal to take on unrealistic debts as well as regulations that make it downright illegal to create unrealistic public loans.

But I don’t think that will happen. I think that we’ll just continue to pile debt on top of our debt like we always have, and I think this will only get worse until we collectively realize that debt taking, more than anything else, is the direct cause of the recession, the real estate collapse and the economic divide. And I think the only way that we’ll make that realization is when our currency compared to other currencies become dramatically threatened.

Debt is quite literally, slavery. It’s exactly how slaves from every facet of history were controlled. And now a large portion of our population and government is deep into debt.

Sorry for the rant, I feel like Ross Perot right now.


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