Ask the Expert: Winter on Its Way

As hard as it is to let go of summer on the East End, it’s as important to look ahead to winter as it is to hang on to those memories of sun, sand and surf. And one of the most important places to start looking is up, at your roof. Knowing the ice and snow are not as far away as we’d like, we ran some questions by Mike Scrivano of M. Stevens Roofing as to what we should all be looking for.

Expert Mike Scrivano of M. Stevens Roofing
Roofing Expert Mike Scrivano of M. Stevens Roofing

The Question: What should I do if I experienced leakage with the snow and ice last winter?

The Answer from Mike Scrivano at M. Stevens Roofing: Your roof must be evaluated by a professional. Most likely your roof will need an Ice Shield (protective membrane under the roof).

The Question: I have a flat roof that’s over 7 years old. Could this be a problem?

Your roof should be inspected by a professional prior to the snow and ice coming this year to inspect if cracks have started that will get worse this winter, leading to a much larger/costlier repair later.

The Question: I have any small ceiling stains. What should I do?

That could lead to bigger repairs if not taken care of now. For water stains coming from your roof, you’ll need to identify the nature of the disrepair. There can be other sources of water seepage from your roof other than a leak.

If the water stain occurs after a period of rain or snow, for example, this can indicate the formation of an ice dam or a leak, which requires upgrading your insulation and/or your roofing. You may still end up contacting a roofing contractor, but knowing this information will help your contractor fix the problem in the most efficient manner possible.

Have questions or concerns about your roof as winter approaches? You can contact Mike Scrivano at M. Stevens Roofing at 631-345-2539 or for a professional evaluation.

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