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Top Ten Scary Movies for Halloween in the Hamptons

Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger? Hannibal Lecter or Alfred Hitchcock ? In celebration of this day dedicated to thrills and chills and the occasional scream, we scared up (sorry, couldn’t help that one) our Top Ten Horror Movies for the ultimate fright-night film festival. Happy Halloween, Hamptons!

PsychoAlfred Hitchcock’s classic about history’s ultimate mama’s boy still makes you think about replacing that shower with a Jacuzzi, doesn’t it?

The Ring—A favorite not just because it stars Hamptonian Naomi Watts, but because we’ll never forget that girl stepping out of that TV—even though we’ve already almost forgotten that any of us ever watched video tapes.

PoltergeistSteven Spielberg’s frightfest takes place in California, but it can just as well serve as a cautionary tale for new home buyers here in the Hamptons, too. You think Mr. Spielberg didn’t do a little extra digging around his East End digs?

Saw—Before all the cheesy sequels, this flick breathed new life, and new views on death, into the horror-film genre with one simple question: How far would you go to save your own bacon?

TIE: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Omen—It’s tough to decide what’s more chilling—that whole creepy-kid thing that started with Damien or Leatherface’s affection for power tools.

The Silence of the Lambs—Horror films win Academy Awards about as often as pepperoni pizza wins James Beard honors, so you know the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Use of Lotion as a Prop were well deserved. Watch it with a nice Chianti.

Paranormal Activity—Not many things are scarier than seeing that things that go bump in the night really do go bump in the night.

The Others—You want shivers? Try the icy air around Nicole Kidman in one of the most underrated ghost stories of all time.

The Shining—No list like this would be complete without an entry from Stephen King, and Jack Nicholson and those creepy twins at the Overlook Hotel made sure it would be this one. Heeeere’s Johnny!

Halloween—The mask, the music, the mayhem. If the movie that gave us Michael Myers hadn’t been named for the horror-loving holiday, October 31 would have been named for this movie.

What’s your favorite scary movie to watch on Halloween in the Hamptons? Let us know in the comments below!

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