4 Ways To Work Off Your Thanksgiving Belly In The Hamptons

Can you fit into your clothes this morning? I easily gained five pounds yesterday and went up a notch on my belt buckle. Was it worth it?


The day after Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a lazy one though, it should be an active one. If you ate yourself into a coma yesterday, then today you have to work it off today in the Hamptons.

1. Beach Run: Today is gorgeous out. Throw on some sweats and grab your iPod and get to the beach for a jog. There is nothing better.

2. Hampton Gym Corp: Hampton Gym Corp has gyms in East Hampton, Southampton and Sag Harbor and they offer up day passes if you don’t have a membership. Most other gyms in the area also offer day passes.

3. Hiking: Again, it’s just such a nice day out today and it would be worth doing a hike today through one of the local trails. Just be sure to check yourself for any ticks when you are done.

4. Yoga: That’s right, I said it, YOGA. It’s good for you, it burns a lot of calories and it’s also a meditative experience. There are tons of places to do yoga in the Hamptons. Check out Dan’s List to find some of the best Yoga instructors on the East End of Long Island by clicking on this link. 







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