David Tepper Is About To Build His Dream House

David Tepper, the CEO of Appaloosa Management, now owns a vacant lot in Sagaponack and we are all waiting anxiously to find out what he’s going to build there.

Perhaps he’ll live in a tent there this summer?

The lot is a 6.45-acre oceanfront plot in Sagaponack, and the reason it is just a lot is because Tepper decided to tear down the original house that was there, which he bought for $43.5 million from his former boss Jon Corzine, who has been having a little bit of trouble lately after MF Global collapsed on Monday. 

So what the hell is he going to build there?

Rumor has it that the new home will be twice the size of the original house, with a sunken tennis court, a bigger garage and will have much better views of the ocean, which according to many, was apparently the main reason why he tore the whole damn house down.



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