Wounded Warrior Riders Will Be Back in the Hamptons November 26

One of the most powerful and amazing charities is the Wounded Warrior Project. It is just such an inspiring thing to see so many people come out and support our soldiers who come back from war missing limbs. Viewing a grown young man missing a leg because it was blown off in battle stirs up unrecognizable emotions within me. Every time I cover a Wounded Warrior event out here, I am filled with feelings of shock, respect, anger and honor.

Two Southampton residents, Kevin Harrington and Emi Berger, will return from their cross-country journey for the Wounded Warrior Project and Mentor Connect on November 26, at 1 p.m. The two will be escorted by the Wounded Warrior motorcycles club when they arrive in Southampton. The pair began their ride cross-country on September 23, starting from Montauk Point and biking to San Diego.

There will be a party for the duo running until 3 p.m. at 230 Elm in Southampton, and I’m really looking forward to going.

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