This Is Your DWI Warning

New Year’s is right around the corner, and I cannot stress enough to Hamptons residents and visitors to have a designated driver or a taxi during your festivities.

Drinking and driving kills people. Not just literally, as is the case almost every year, but it also kills your reputation, your driver’s license and your bank account. If you live in the Hamptons, then you are already aware of how seriously drinking and driving laws are enforced. And it’s good that they do it.

There is example after example of good, hardworking, honest people who for one reason or another, decided to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Maybe they felt like they weren’t legally drunk, or maybe they felt like they could handle the drive, either way, it doesn’t matter. Police pull them over, arrest them, put them in jail and set them up with a court date.

And when you lose your license over this, it’s almost impossible to lead your life normally until you can get it back.

Don’t mess around with drinking and driving this year, it’s just not worth it.

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