Sold: The Lobster Inn Will No Longer Be Serving Lobsters

“Where are you now?”

“I’m just passing the Lobster Inn, so I’ll be at your house in five minutes.”

Sadly, this conversation is no longer going to be taking place on Route 27, because Skip Tollefsen has just announced that his iconic restaurant, The Lobster Inn, has been sold to real estate developers, and the rumor is that the property is going to be turned into condos.

The new owners appear to not want any attention, and the new names attached to the 10 acre property is Peconic Bay Marina, LLC and Peconic Bay Residences, LLC.

The restaurant, which has been closed for the season, was sort of that understated, legendary, waterfront perfection of a place. Baked potatoes were always local, and so was the lobster, and the entire place was set on a gorgeous piece of property that you never really knew was there when you would drive by the place on the highway.

I know that Skip has been trying to sell it for a while, and I think all of us are really happy for him. But I’m gonna miss that place a little bit.

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