The Hamptons Needed This NFL Season

This NFL Season

I just want to say that this NFL season has been the most dramatic, fun and entertaining since I started watching football. Every single game has been a nail biter, every single player is interesting, every single coach has amazing strategies and personalities and it has been nothing but fun. Just pure fun.

I think America really needed the NFL season. It’s been one of those seasons that really reminds you of how great it is to be here. The drama has just been unreal.

Last weekend was probably one of the most pleasant football watching experiences of my entire life, and the Jets weren’t even playing.

Watching The New England Patriots barely pull out a win against the Ravens was just incredible. All I could think about when the Raven’s kicker missed the easiest field goal attempt in the history of field goal attempts was, “THE LACES WERE IN, THEY WERE IN!” [expand]

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was a hell of a movie.

Tom Brady really sucked the entire game, and he knew it. I was secretly hoping they would win though because I really wanted to see a New York Giants versus New England Super Bowl, and thankfully that wish was granted.

But holy cow. Just holy freaking cow what a couple of great games.

The NFL this year really has been an escape for me and I think for a lot of people this year. There’s just nothing like it, you can’t beat it. God I love football.

The Giants versus San Francisco game was like watching a boxing match where the two boxers simply were never going to go down. It was the most impressive display of defense that I’ve ever seen. It was just a pure slugfest. Every drive was a three and out all the way into overtime. And then it looked like it was going to continue through overtime until Jacquian Williams stripped the ball from Kyle Williamson’s kick-off. And then the game came down to yet another important field goal.

But thankfully, Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes didn’t blow it, and his celebration is priceless. Google it on the Internet, he runs around the field screaming in disbelief, “I’M GOING TO THE [email protected]#[email protected]#$# SUPERBOWL!!!!”

And that’s how all of New York felt. My cellphone exploded when the game was won. I could hear people throughout Southampton Village screaming at the top of their lungs and one after another, I received text messages from friends of mine who live in New York. I watched videos of people screaming in bars and one text from my friend Paul Bozgo read, “The bartender is literally screaming and pouring shots directly into people’s mouths. NEW YORK IS CRAZY RIGHT NOW!”

Although I’m sad to see that it is not the Jets, I’m still caught up in the glory of having a New York team in the Super Bowl, and most unexpectedly as well. The Giants really didn’t get it together this season until the end.

Am I scared of Brady next week? Maybe a little, but it would be stupid not to be scared of a team like New England.

Then again, it would be stupid for New England not to be scared of the Giants.


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