Ask the Expert: Finding Positive Energy and Personal Power

Does everyone have some sort of intuitive knowledge? Is there a way to sense positive and negative energy in the people around you? Janet Russell answers these and more questions in this month’s column!

The Question: What do you do if you have a feeling of negativity around you? I ask this because every time I visit my friend’s house, I feel very uneasy and I “feel” like something is there or there is some negative feeling and I don’t know if I should say something to her or how to deal with it. What should I do?

The Answer from Janet Russell: If I feel any negativity around, I excuse myself and I do my best to stay with positive people and energy. Sometimes, when people are negative, its due to their fears, or secrets that they don’t want anyone to know, or just very private. The hint that I get when I do a reading is if they are negative I usually get a migraine headache. It’s like my own safety catch, I guess. I can just look at someone and know that if they have good energy or are hiding something or insecure. Sometimes the gift is a blessing…and sometimes not.

The Question: I have been told that everyone has some sort of psychic ability, whether it’s a gut feeling or some sort of intuitive knowledge. How would I be able to tell if I have this?

The Answer from Janet Russell: Yes, everyone has some sort of intuition or insight, or psychic ability. We are all born with some of gift. I am fortunate that I have had an experience that opened up my ability. I usually get chills when I am on target, but everyone gets different feelings sometimes it’s just a knowing. It happens a lot when you are in a relationship or have children. Sometimes you have dreams that can give you answers as well.

The Question: How do you tell if a psychic is giving you a personal reading or a general reading? I have gone to some psychics that seem like they give general answers and others have pinpointed things that no one would know. What makes one different from the other?

The Answer from Janet Russell: That is a great question. A general reading usually does not touch that much base with your own interests. It’s like reading a horoscope— when it’s a general reading you can take what you want from it. When it’s a personal reading it should touch on your personal life.

Usually when I do a personal reading I try to also connect with those on the other side, because sometimes they have messages for those and of course see both sides of the picture. Not everyone has the ability to connect on a personal level. I am fortunate to have that ability. But ultimately we all have choices, and I will always suggest, but it’s up to the individual to make up their own mind. That is why we all have free will.

As the host and producer of her own TV show, “Beyond the Unexplained,” psychic/medium/spiritual advisor Janet Russell is here every month to answer your questions.  You can call her at 631-654-3353, email Janet at [email protected], or visit her online at to ask questions or inquire about fundraisers or charity events. You can also catch her new endeavor on ParanormalTVNetwork, “Janet Russell Presents,” every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m.

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