Faux Caviar, Anyone?

I read in The New York Times Dining Section recently about a new product—faux caviar. Yup. It’s made out of xanthan gum mostly. Florence Fabricant wrote that the stuff was a fun treat for your vegan friends. FloFab is never wrong. I had to try this stuff. Unfortunately it’s not yet available in The Hamptons. Undeterred, I sent an e-mail all the way to Spain requesting samples. Naturally they’re made in Spain, the molecular gastronomy center of the food universe.

A representative from Pescaviar immediately overnighted six jars of Cocktail Pearls to Bridgehampton. Now that’s service. They were 1.69 ounce jars of six different flavors – Apple & Ginger, Lime & Lemon, Lemon & Pepper, Strawberry, Vinaigre & Echalote (Vinegar & Shallot) and Chili Pepper. I coordinated a Dan’s Papers staff tasting with our Head of Sales/Head Cheer Leader, Lori Berger for the following day. She brought bread and hard-boiled eggs, I brought sour cream. [expand]

Sales Coordinator Evy Ramunno announced a “Faux Caviar Tasting” over the P.A. and the tasting was on!

Lori favored the Chili Pepper while Englishman Chris Gardner from our Web Department found the Strawberry “kind of tangy – reminds me of seaweed that pops.” Evy settled on the Lime & Lemon. David Rattiner said “It is good but…” and trailed off. He’s a closet vegan. Oops.

We all agreed “This is fun!” I would definitely recommend picking this product up when you’re in the city for a tasting of your own. I’ve never been a huge fan of caviar. This xanthan gum version isn’t subtle but it’s not fish eggs either. Plus they’re really colorful and respect just about every dietary restriction. They’re not cheap, but who wants cheap when you’re out to impress? Used as a garnish, they go a long way.


Check out all the details and recipes at: www.pescaviar.com. Photo shows Apple & Ginger Cocktail Pearls on Cheesecake.

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