I Am 100 Percent Against Drug Sniffing Dogs at Pierson High School In Sag Harbor

I cannot believe, CANNOT BELIEVE that people are allowing this to happen. I just found out yesterday that drug sniffing dogs are going to become a part of the Sag Harbor School District and that drug sniffing dogs are going to be present on campus. The reason is to combat drugs and alcohol in school.

I want to go on record that I am completely 100 percent against this idea. This is a horrible, horrible, horrible idea.

What are we, living in freaking North Korea?

How about we bring in a tank and men armed with M-16s into the school also to combat the fighting problem? How about mandatory strip searches? And metal detectors—let’s bring those into the school, too! After all, you never know what kids might be bringing into the school. You just can’t trust these rotten, good for nothing kids who just do drugs, drink alcohol, get into fights and worse.


I really am furious about this. This is the East End of Long Island. Since when do we need K-9 units patrolling a small high school? Since when?

Am I the only one on this? Am I the only one that doesn’t want kids in his community feeling like they are going to school inside of a prison? Am I the only one that doesn’t like my privacy being violated? Am I the only one that doesn’t like overkill when it comes to our schools?

We have got to stop not giving so many people so little credit. I’ve been to Pierson on numerous occasions because my half-sister graduated from that school. I’ve interviewed the field hockey coach there. This school is one of the most well run, friendliest, wonderful high schools I’ve ever seen. It’s filled with smiling kids, kids who care about their friends and their futures and their families. I can remember being at a fundraiser where the entire school showed up to help raise money for a family that had a child with cancer.

We just don’t need this kind of mentality arising in any of our communities. We don’t need it. We need the opposite. We need people to trust one another, know one another, and pay attention to the bad apples and to get them to learn something.

What we don’t need is a police state at our high schools. We need a learning state.

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