Madonna’ Super Bowl Salsa Inspired by Victor Cruz

We’re going to have to go out on a limb here and assume that Bridgehampton homeowner and Super Bowl Halftime performer Madonna is a Giants fan. Hamptons and New York residents will be happy to know that at a news conference on Thursday, Madonna showed off a little salsa dancing and said she was inspired to do it by the New York Giant’s Victor Cruz.

During the news conference the Material Girl was asked if she had any criticism for Victor Cruz’s touchdown dance and stated, “I have no criticism … actually, he’s inspired me. I’ve been practicing,” and then began salsa dancing for the cameras.

Still not convinced Madonna is a Giant’s fan? Well, the rabbit hole goes deeper, my friends. Madge was also asked whom she would rather have dinner with, Tom Brady or Eli Manning, to which she responded, “I’d have to say Eli because he lives in New York and I don’t want him to waste gas.”

Madonna is a New York fan. Period.

Go Giants!

The video below is an ABC News report on Madonna’s Salsa dancing.

Victor Cruz and his salsa touchdown.

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