My First Attempt At Art

I was in Greenport over the weekend visiting the Terrence Joyce gallery with some friends, and noticed that they sell some art supplies there. I suddenly got inspired.

About $200 in art supplies later and a lot of support from my friend Colin Goldberg who is an artist and regularly sells his work. I found myself listening to Jimmy Buffet music on a Saturday night at 3 in the morning in Southampton painting in my condo.

It was an epic experience.

I haven’t painted anything since I was a kid in fourth grade in art school. But let me tell you, painting is one of the most pleasurable form of the arts. I think out of all of the arts, painting is the most enjoyable. Just the sound of the paint running across the canvas sounds good. The feel of the brush in your hand just feels right. And I think it is a very healthy thing to do for you mind. I was so tuned in to what I was doing. Nothing was distracting me. The only other times I have ever felt like this is when I used to go surfing or when I would go sailing.

I found myself wrapped up in putting paint to canvas and dazzled at the colors and the creation that was taking place before me. Painting is a spiritual experience. And there is an added pleasure doing it in the Hamptons because there is so much rich history and so much art out here.

The above painting was what I finally created after about four hours of complete and perfect focus. I ended up giving it to my neighbor who wanted it after he saw it.

There is a great paint store in Southampton, there is also one in Bridgehampton as well as East Hampton and Amagansett. It’s a really great thing to get into doing every once in a while and it clears your head. Get inspired and do a painting Hamptonites. And feel free to e-mail me and let me know how it goes.

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