Sorry, Paul McCartney, You Weren’t Beatlesque at the Grammys

I’m gonna be brutally honest right now. Paul McCartney was awful last night at the 2012 Grammy Awards. I don’t know how I can sugar coat this in any way. It was just bad. Like really, really bad.

I want to be clear here—I’m a HUGE Paul McCartney fan and a huge Beatles fan. If I had the opportunity to meet Paul McCartney, I would probably pass out from being completely star struck. I respect him, his life has been incredible and the music he has made is absolutely timeless. Mostly.

Sitting there on music’s biggest night doing “My Valentine,” Paul McCartney sounded like a old Portugese guy ordering soup at a deli. It didn’t sound good, and was so understated as to make me wonder, did he think to himself, “I’ll just pick a song off my new album, sit there and wing it.”

I mean, come on man! It’s the Grammy‘s! This is where you are supposed to let everybody know how awesome you are. The Boss killed it last night. Bruno Mars killed it. Adele was amazing. Jennifer Hudson was incredible. And not only were they displaying their incredible vocal talents, they put WORK into their performances. I was stunned by the set designs, the cheoreography and the song choices.

Was it nice to see Paul McCartney, a Hamptons icon and Amagansett resident, perform? Yes. But please, don’t let this happen again. I’m willing to bet that most everybody in his world is telling him how good he was last night. He wasn’t.

Am I saying that I could have done better? No. I’m just saying that, for this particular McCartney performance, I would have rather have listened to a karaoke set at Phao in Sag Harbor.

Now Bruno Mars’ performance at the Grammys, on the other hand…

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