Hey, Hamptons Romantics: The Top Six Valentine’s Day Movies

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means many of you are getting ready for a romantic evening—and what such evening would be complete without a heart-stirring romantic movie while you curl up on the couch? After much painstaking internal debate—including whether we could leave out oldtime flicks like Casablanca, The Philadelphia Story, An Affair to Remember, etc in favor of more contemporary picks (we did)—we offer the official Danshamptons.com list of Top 6 Valentine’s Day Movies (it was going to be a Top 5, but we’re feeling generous today).

1. Titanic

The ultimate romantic blockbuster. The movie that gave us quotes like “Never let go” and Celine Dion’s megahit “My Heart Will Go On” (whether that’s good or bad is up to you). But does anyone else think that Old Rose’s dropping a kabillion dollar diamond into the ocean instead of setting up her granddaughter—and about 46 generations to come—was reason to take Granny of the Valentine’s Day card list?

2. The Notebook

Watch this story of lovers who meet in 1940 and are kept apart over time and distance, and the obstacles they have to overcome to maybe, just maybe, find each other again, and then ask yourself, What if they’d had Facebook?

3. There’s Something About Mary

Amid the absurd humor, Matt Dillon’s teeth and cinema’s most creative hair-gel alternative, this is a love story.

4. When Harry Met Sally

The film for which the term romantic comedy exists is as spot-on funny and poignant today as when it hit the big screen in 1989. If there’s a better line than “when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible,” we’d love to know what you mistakenly think it is.

5. Ghost

Try to come up with a quote from this movie, any snippet of dialogue at all (aside from “Ditto,” which at one word does not qualify as a quote). You can’t. And that’s fine when you have “Unchained Melody” carrying the load. Besides, this movie deserves to make any such list for merely suggesting that pottery might be considered foreplay.

6. As Good As It Gets

Best Actress and Best Actor Oscars for Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson—mostly for making audiences suspend disbelief long enough to accept a romance between Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson.

Honorable Mentions: Say Anything, Love Actually (too Christmasy), Jerry Maguire


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