Around The Mill In Montauk

Ever a rude awakening for residents of our happily hibernating hamlet, St. Patrick’s Day and the inundation of inebriants reminds us here in Montauk of the forthcoming tide of tourists the season will bring.

What better time to let the betting begin as to which of the numerous new restaurant rumors will come to fruition? If even half of these purely speculative assertions are true, Montauk will be home to enough new eateries to choke a flock of gulls this coming season.

As of yet, no one has been able to prove that Subway has made a bid on the concession at the lighthouse, but given its new national landmark status, we would not be surprised.

Rumors that construction on the former “smelly deli” on Main Street would result in $5 foot-longs for all are completely unfounded. Painstaking research performed via barstool at a number of our year-round fine dining establishments has revealed that the spot is more likely to be reborn as a high-end fish and chips joint, perhaps with outdoor dining, courtesy of the folks from Fish Bar.

Further down the block, a former town councilwoman and local construction maven have designs on the Plaza Diner, where a menu of hip and healthy breakfast items has been suggested.

Our hearts soar to see some of the old gang from Westlake Clam and Chowder House potentially reunited in a new kitchen. Word on the street suggests that Dustin Schick has recruited Tony Berkhofer to work at the spot formerly known as Luigi’s. Dustin’s new bride, Serena Vegessi Schick, well known as both a bartendress extraordinaire and a captain of the Lady Bones charter boat, is also involved in what appears to be a feverish renovation.

Now for the fun stuff. What are those krazy kooks from the Surf Lodge up to next? A rash of rumors swept through our tumbleweed laden streets this winter, but alas, the suggestion that P Diddy has purchased the lodge has been disproven. But that doesn’t rule out of the possibility of a smurf-run Bier Garten at the Old Oyster Pond.

The harbor is in tumult as well, and the old Lenny’s, along with the adjacent gift shop, has been gutted by someone with money to make room for tables. Hipsters in the harbor? Meh. They’ve already invaded Liars’ Karaoke night.

Another new kid on the block, described as an “accountant from New York City,” is working out some septic issues at the old Salivar’s before taking the interior to task. We bemoan the loss of the pool table, not to mention the quaint and cozy bathrooms.

Meanwhile, Gosman’s Dock is on the prowl for a new chef, as longtime head honcho Sam Joyce has jumped ship. Will he steal half the staff and open his own shop, maybe in place of Clemente’s Crab Shack? Or are we all just recovering from winter with nothing else to talk about?

Lynn Calvo, a self-described lobsterman’s daughter and familiar face on the docks, has gained planning board approval for The Hula Hut, a daytime bar set up to quench the thirst of recreational fishers at the Montauk Marine Basin. Three cheers for daybombing! Let’s hope she gets through the health department hurdles in time to open for the season.

Speaking of which, can it be true that someone is trying to put in a microbrewery beside the ball field? Surely that is just a rumor, along with half the allegations listed above. But if there’s any place that could use a brewery, this is it.

Yes, the season has yet to begin, and already we’ve so much to discuss. Just wait until the people get here!

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