Biblical Compromise

Ever wonder why not very many people want to be town councilmen? Consider this.

For several years, a massive art show takes place for Memorial Day weekend on the downtown Green in Montauk. They applied again this year for a three-day permit. Also applying for a permit for the Montauk Green this Memorial Day weekend was the Montauk Memorial Committee. They wanted to expand their Memorial Day coverage of that event with a Civil War encampment, 1940s era music, war vehicles and other displays, a march along Main Street to the green in the center of town and the raising of the flag there, accompanied by bluegrass music and picnicking.

Two groups can’t be on the same place at the same time. Can they? The Board chose to consider a biblical solution. What would King Solomon do? He would split it up, of course:

The Art Show will have exclusive use of the Green on Saturday, but only partial use on Sunday, when their operation will retreat from a part of the green where the flagpole and memorial are. On Sunday morning, a parade will leave Second House at the other end of town, come down Main Street, circle once around the outside of the green (containing the partial art show) and then march in where the space is cleared to have their memorial ceremony. Traffic through downtown will be diverted for three hours.

The art show will vacate entirely on Monday so the Vets can have the green on the actual Memorial Day, but inasmuch as there are other activities to celebrate Memorial Day in nearby East Hampton, the vets probably won’t make much use of it.

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